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ERP Implementation

A Nextage subsidiary, Streamware provides consulting services to companies interested in global success, strategic change and efficient growth, while maintaining a competitive edge. Streamware helps companies plan and achieve an optimized workflow that runs seamlessly throughout the organization.

Founded and headed by Avi Kolran, a retired IAF Colonel and esteemed hi-tech executive, Streamware endows clients with decades of knowledge and industry experience, making ‘Operations Clear & Simple’.

Streamline Everything:

Streamline Operations

Working with both employees and management, Streamware presents advanced methods of lean operations, recommends essential organizational changes, and supports management in implementing changes and enhancing results.

Streamline Sales

Streamware helps companies create ecosystems that direct prospects from lead to order and all the way to a successful delivery, freeing up the sales team to do what they know best – closing deals.

Streamline Customer Service

Streamware’s expertise with managing excellence in customer service enables you to apply customer-care standards and give your company a competitive edge, as well as significantly increase revenue through outstanding service.

Outsourcing Management

Streamware’s outsourcing management services allow companies to better leverage operations with more specialized service providers, to integrate outsourced activities with the company’s ERP and design the correct corporate structure to benefit both company and customer.

Executive Mentoring

The team of seasoned mentors at Streamware have decades of experience in executive decision-making, cultivating leadership in managers, helping them find their vision and translate it into practical terms.

Streamware assists companies in setting the right foundations for success: from marketing and sales, to the design that streamlines operations; from the systems that effectively organize your data and finances, to the processes that systematically deliver the best service to customers.

Streamware’s unique approach allows management to lead change from within the company, to effectively implement it, and witness improved results.