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Turning business ideas into powerful excel models

Financial Planning

The team helps startups define their key performance indicators (KPIs) most relevant to business growth and establish roadmaps for achieving these objectives. From early stage to maturity, we assist companies in tracking performance metrics and reconciling them with growth projections and pre-operational budgets.

We begin by meeting with management to discuss the company’s story and modeling logic, then perform an in-depth unit economics analysis of the business model in

order to establish a sustainable growth plan and topline projections. Later, we use our proven bottom-up operation expenses model, based on benchmarks from our extensive experience working with startups around the world, to budget the execution and predict cash flow.

With these models and metrics in place, we continue working with our clients, helping them to make necessary adjustments and track success over time.

Services and Benefits:

Unit economics analysis dynamic growth/revenue modeling and ongoing forecasting

Ensuring strategy and budgets are realistic, based on sound models that are most relevant to your business

Operational KPI dashboard development and implementation

Building 5 year forecasting model for fundraising

Generating infographic financial data visualizations for presentations