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Nextage has been awarded the 2022 Egalitarian Employment Award by Israel’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

The award recognizes our diversity, encouragement of healthy work-life balance, and promoting and integrating of women into the workplace.

Giving back to the

Giving back to the community is one of our guiding principles. As an organization, we place a strong emphasis on social involvement. Our goal is to continuously improve, while promoting equality, diversity, and environmental awareness. This is where change starts.

Employee Stories

Eyal Vardi
Senior Controller
“Cross fertilization of ideas across teams and colleagues is the best part of working at Nextage. Colleagues are available for consultation with friendly and easy open-door access both to our senior management as well as to the senior executives of our clients.”
Rina Arbel
Director of FP&A
“4 things characterize my Nextage experience: (1) Everyday challenges – sharing experience and knowledge with clients (2) Work ethic – going the extra mile for our clients (3) Professional teams – advising and delivering value to clients based on our leadership in the market (4) Professional development – constant investment in the team’s professional expertise.”
Noy Farhi
Payroll Accountant
“The warm friendly family atmosphere at Nextage together with the great training and support that I get from my colleagues and team leaders, I feel, is motivating, fulfilling and very enjoyable.”
Roby Glodan
IT Department
“IT is central to what we do - helping our finance teams with technology and keeping things working supports our high quality of work – this involves developing projects to improve processes, implementing them and bringing in new tech. I am not a finance guy but I find the finance application of what I do fascinating.”
Galit Segev
Payroll Controller
“I have been with Nextage for 5 years and am now one of the senior members of the payroll team. I love the variety of what we do – I look after many clients as part of the full-service team working with our CFOs, controllers, FP&A and finance managers across an amazing range of companies and sectors. I love the sense of achievement as our startups grow and develop into leading companies.”
Diana Aksionov
“The atmosphere at Nextage is warm and supportive – everyone is super constructive and helpful. I really enjoy the sheer scope of our portfolio companies – with every new topic that arises, I sharpen my skills and widen my knowledge.”
Jay Elimelech
FP&A Analyst
“As a newly qualified CPA when I joined, Nextage trained me on the job to deal with the practical business realities of FP&A. Working on budget planning gives me an incredible insight into the businesses of our clients. It is thrilling when planning turns into achievement and our clients grow from initial idea to revenues and then to scale and leadership in their fields.”
Revital Rosh-Hodesh
Bookkeeping Team Leader
“I was employee number 15 when I joined Nextage 17 years ago and we have grown and blossomed together. It is a pleasure to come to work for a company that sees every person as family and looks after everyone’s needs both personally and professionally. Nextage has provided me with management training so I am ready and confident in my role as team leader.”
Yifat Mizrahi
Bookkeeping Team Leader
"Nine years ago, our founder envisioned harnessing talent from the periphery and the ultra-orthodox sector, leading to the birth of Nextage in Modi'in Elit. Starting with just three workers, we established a branch that employs today 25 ultra-Orthodox women from the local community. I progressed in my work and was prompted to manage the Bookkeeping Department with a team of women under my leadership. What sets Nextage apart is its commitment to adapting and accommodating the unique needs of ultra-Orthodox women, allowing us to balance our home and work lives effectively."
Yana Borovskikh
FP&A Analyst
"Nextage offers me a world of opportunities as well as great colleagues to learn from. Every day working at Nextage fills me with the motivation to learn, to grow, to explore and to become the best I can be at what I do. I am excited by the progress I have already made here at Nextage and I am looking forward to even greater challenges and achievements in the future."
Tom Shalev
DIrector Of Finance
"I really appreciate the friendly collegiate atmosphere here at Nextage - assisting and supporting one another. Working with a range of different clients, watching them grow from day one into successful companies over time is very fulfilling both professionally and personally."
Charlie Bathish
Senior Controller
“Some say being a CPA is boring - I say not so! My experience at Nextage is anything but boring. We provide a wide range of services to amazing clients, and I am constantly learning and developing professionally. Nextage has created a friendly and supportive work environment - the perfect workplace experience.”