We provide intelligent finance as a service to high-growth tech businesses in Israel and the United States.
We transform early phase companies from their ambitious entrepreneurial dreams into professionally managed businesses that scale and grow.

Etti HanochiPartner and CFO

Working as a business partner with smart and creative people who are changing the world is a joy for me. Helping them maintain their focus on their technological innovation while ensuring the business runs reliably and professionally along tried and tested lines is my responsibility.

Einat SheferPartner and CFO

Being part of the exceptionally deep pool of expertise at Nextage is very gratifying. Our clients experience the benefits, and their expectations are usually exceeded–the depth of benchmarking, the breadth of situations encountered and managed, and the great results we achieve together.

Dvora NurielPartner and CFO

We provided finance as a service to hundreds of fast-growing technology companies over the past two decades – our skilled and professional teams have set standards of financial management and partnership that top quality growth companies and their investors have grown to expect and rely on.

Moran BlecherPartner & Co-CEO

I love being surrounded by talented entrepreneurs and innovative technologies, inspiring me to raise the bar and provide the best our industry has to offer. As our startup’s trusted advisor and with a deep pool of expertise, I provide guidance, partnership and hopefully a long-lasting friendship.

Jeremy RomePartner and CFO

I like being part of growing businesses in rapidly changing business contexts with inspiring people. Being a trusted adviser, providing guidance to our companies based on our broad market and deep financial experience, while creating good and lasting friendships is a great pleasure.

Nevo RamatiPartner and CFO

Our work is essential, dynamic and highly entrepreneurial – we constantly work to improve and scale our services by focusing on core financial needs. Nextage means working with great colleagues and partnering with cutting-edge innovative portfolio companies across the technology ecosystem.

Hila LebenthalVP FP&A

I particularly like working directly with such a wide variety of incredibly talented entrepreneurs and growing my professional and interpersonal skill sets. The range of types and sizes of businesses we work with means our days are never tedious, routine or anything other than riveting.

Gadi BekerCFO

As a professional Nextage CFO, I am thrilled at the impact I can have on the growing technology industry in Israel. Working on fulfilling all of the financial needs of our portfolio companies gives me a great sense of achievement. And together with my colleagues at Nextage, we have a very broad view of and on the whole tech sector.

Anat Goldberg ShaulCFO

As a Nextage CFO, I’m excited about contributing to Israel’s tech industry by addressing the financial needs of our portfolio companies. Collaborating with my colleagues, we gain a comprehensive view of the tech sector. Applying my experience to new situations aligns perfectly with our mission at Nextage.

Itzik LevPartner & Co-CEO at Nextage TLV

“Nextage is a true partner – I feel a sense of ownership with the companies where I am CFO. I am passionate about helping my companies from inception through their development, growth and scaling journeys to maturity and often building lasting close friendships on the way. Working with these highly creative and inventive entrepreneurs who are building the future is a joy.”

Gidi Krupnik CFO and Partner at Nextage TLV

The diversity, the breadth and of course the startupsthat’s what I love about my work at Nextage – the variety of startups with such different technologies targeting markets all over the world. I can start my day advising a company about the pros and cons of accepting an M&A offer in crypto versus fiat and close my day discussing whether or not to list shares in Canada.

Adar SharonCFO And Partner at Nextage TLV

Bringing the depths of my experience and applying my expertise to new situationsI feel lucky that this is exactly what we do at Nextage. Our portfolio companies comprise some of the most creative, brilliant and interesting people in the Israeli tech ecosystem. Seeing the entire ecosystem from within is empowering and just plain fantastic.”

Lilach Katalan LabiCFO at Nextage TLV

As a Nextage CFO, I’m enthusiastic about supporting Israel’s tech industry by catering to the financial requirements of our portfolio companies. Working alongside my colleagues, we achieve a thorough understanding of the tech landscape. Utilizing my expertise in fresh contexts aligns seamlessly with Nextage’s mission.

  • Scaling

    Nextage is a platform – they can provide everything a CEO needs. While there are many professionals in the market who can provide individual financial services, we have particularly enjoyed Nextage’s holistic approach. That Nextage can provide a comprehensive financial service from top to bottom significantly reduces the friction and pains that startups go through. For us, Nextage worked on everything from budgeting, pricing model, payroll to our financings and ultimately our acquisition by Palo Alto Networks.

    Our services

    “Nextage is an integral part of the company, real partners proactively making you do what needs to be done in terms of finance. As a CEO you are overwhelmed with decisions, it is crucial to have professionals do all the financial work.

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    This was extremely important during funding rounds, the first question investors ask you is “what will you do with the money?”. Nextage helped us craft substantiated answers for that. Nextage helps getting answers for complicated questions, they have a huge set of market-benchmarks with full numbers for so many great companies that were built here in the last few years. ”


    Assaf RappaportCo-Founder and CEO at Wiz
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  • Whole

    Nextage has worked with hundreds of growth companies, and we incorporate the best practices implemented in and derived from the whole market. Our benchmarks and standards are forming the financial infrastructure for growth companies across the market to power the future.

    Our portfolio

    “At Leal Health we help cancer patients access the universe of information about their condition and give them options so they can take control of their treatment – Nextage does the same for us in terms of…

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    our finance function. Nextage gives us their financial expertise, access to their encyclopedic market knowledge and most importantly they give us decision making options while getting the job done without any fuss.”


    Tzvia BaderCo-founder and CEO at Leal Health
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  • Team

    Nextage is your finance team. Our integrated teams of skilled and experienced professionals manage and take care of all your company’s financial needs. Nextage’s CFOs serve as creative and trusted advisers to CEOs and boards of directors, working together with you to achieve your company’s objectives – your successes are our success.

    Our team

    “Nextage’s end-to-end financial service simply takes care of everything and I know I don’t have to worry about it. Nextage’s involvement does not stop with finances – they have developed a huge amount of market and business…

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    experience that they make readily available for me – they have seen and participated in so much of the growth and development of the Israeli tech ecosystem. From top to bottom, Nextage is closely involved – we recently expanded our operations internationally and opened our European subsidiary, Nextage proactively engaged with external advisers and helped us select the best location with the optimal balance of operational, tax and structural considerations suited to our business.”


    Oz GolanCo-founder and CEO at Noname Security(Acquired by akamai)
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