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Cash Management System

A strong and well-managed treasury is at the heart of any organization. For many companies, new and mature, establishing a stable financial operation can pose a huge challenge. Cash flow that isn’t managed with keen, sensitive care results in inefficiency and even wastefulness.

Being 100% attentive to the constant change in numbers in your bank accounts allows you to get the best interest rates, spend the least on commissions, and handle funds more efficiently.

Managing Your Cash Flow

We developed our own tool, the Cash Management System (CMS), as a means to empower all levels of a company’s management – the CEO, the CFO and the Controller. The CMS deals with financial management issues in a cross-channel, broad manner, providing accurate reports and analysis tools of the current balance and all transactions.

CEO Level

The money a company has in the bank is often its primary asset. With our Cash Management System, you get alerts, notifications and weekly overviews of your account balance, enabling you to see exactly where the money is invested, in which currencies, at which interest rates and more.

CFO Level

Our system delivers routine reports that provide high resolution financial information, updating you in advance about the level of asset liquidity and currency risk.

Controller Level

As Controller, you receive alerts regarding any funds that aren’t managed, or investments with low to 0% interest rates, letting you know it’s time to invest the cash.

Whether your organization has a single bank account or 10, all the data is fully visible and delivered to your mailbox on a weekly basis. Always knowing where you stand financially enables you to make smarter decisions when you need to.