Groundwork BioAg

Dr. Yossi Kofman, CEO at Groundwork BioAg

Description: Grounwork BioAg is a revolutionary agtech startup that produces cost-effective natural mycorrhizal fungi for commercial agriculture, improving soil nutrient uptake and crop yields.

CEO Dr. Yossi Kofman is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several successful startups. Dr. Kofman talked about his work with Nextage.

Dr. Kofman:

“I’ve been working with Nextage, and with Jeremy Rome, for many years. This is actually the second company that I’ve been working with Jeremy on. When we founded Groundwork BioAg in 2014, it was clear to me that Jeremy would also be our Nextage CFO for this company. So, he’s been with us from the start.


As a small startup, we have so much to do, so it’s a huge advantage for us that we can rely upon the Nextage team to take care of all our financial aspects. They manage everything from our accounting, booking, and payroll, to Jeremy serving as our excellent CFO. Without them, we’d have to hire several people to fill these roles and responsibilities.


I have an excellent working relationship with the Nextage team and particularly with Jeremy. He is professional, very dedicated, and he’s there when I need him. That is extremely important to me. Jeremy also works with me on a strategic level, helping to develop our business plan. In general, the Nextage team goes ‘beyond the numbers’, helping us beyond the financial data and really helping us with the business.


One of the benefits to working with Nextage is their experience with a diverse portfolio of companies. Because they’ve been working in the ecosystem for so long, and because of their professional expertise, we’re able to rely upon and leverage their experience. With their multidisciplinary knowledge, they’re able to provide us with a broad financial and business perspective and put us in the best possible position for success and growth. It’s a pleasure working with them.”




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