Global Presence

Our global presence makes it easy for us to care for our clients no
matter where they are. Whether you are operating in the US or
branching out to different countries, we guarantee you receive top
quality services worldwide.

American Subsidiary Company – Escalon Services

Escalon works closely with Nextage IL, exercising the same core values and delivering top tier services to early stage startups and high growth companies operating in the US and beyond.

Having a US subsidiary, deeply familiar with local practices, enables us to provide our clients with customized solutions for all their operational and tactical needs – a one stop shop in the USA. This includes handling all essential business functions such as finance, accounting, HR and payroll, along with establishing and maintaining local connections, and providing expert service with banking, legal and taxation issues – ensuring that you too enjoy the ease of use usually reserved to local companies.

Escalon’s offices are conveniently located on both East and West Coasts, in New-York and in Palo Alto, at the heart of Silicon Valley.

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