VP Finance

We know how important it is to have a VP of Finance you can rely on

Whether it is to ensure that financial controls are in practice, that reports are precise, clear and timely, or that your company receives all the required support, crucial for impeccable operational management. Your outsourced VP of Finance is there to oversee daily accounting operations, direct financial planning and budgeting procedures, work with managers to establish company objectives, as well as to recommend benchmarks for performance assessment and the successful accomplishment of these goals.

Among our VP Finance Services:

Financial report, outlook
and forecast management
Coordination of corporate
financial and budget planning
Monitoring and analysis
of operating results
Accounting policy
establishment and orientation
Preparation and conduction
of board presentations
Extensive and accurate
audit preparation
Management of
due-diligence processes
Incentive plan set up
Legal and tax
compliance assurance
ERP implementation
Government grant opportunity assessment, Chief Scientist Office, approved enterprise, BIRD Foundation and others
Set up of foreign offices
including finance, legal, banks etc.

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