Just like an IPO,an Initial Coin Offering or ICO, is a means of raising capital by offering future crypto coin tokens instead of shares

The world of cryptocurrency has become a major force in global finance, affecting how we handle payments and trade the markets, and in the form of ICOs, thereby presenting us with new alternatives to traditional fundraising methods

As a rather new phenomenon, ICOs are not as highly regulated as IPOs, giving startups the advantage of bypassing the guidelines that other venture capitalists require to meet. This is a mixed blessing, which makes ICOs appealing to startups and traders alike, but also opens the door to scammers using it as a way to defraud investors.

Backed by our experience and strong reputation, Nextage will assist you in fundraising and reassure your coin acquirers, from preliminary planning to the moment your campaign goes live, all the way to a successful ICO

Our expert team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you are ready when you decide to do ICO

Services and Benefits:

Professionally crafted documentation and whitepaper
Getting you investor ready
Strategic consulting and expert support
Transparency that inspires investor confidence
Compliance assurance

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