As your CFO,

We assume responsibility for all finance operation, monitoring and control, set up best practice processes and proactively deliver comprehensive solutions in a cost-effective way. Our accomplished financial experts are on hand at all times to professionally guide you through managerial, operational and strategic financial issues, and serve as executive mentors, providing invaluable advice at every step of the way. As our clients would state, Nextage CFOs are not only working on your behalf, they are part of the team.

Among our CFO Services:

Responsibility for all finance operation,monitoring and controls
Establishment of best practices for finance related processes, including complex sales cycles, purchasing, payment, travel, employee guidelines
Planning, approval and maintenance of corporate annual budget
Participation in board meetings and relevant committees
Ongoing meetings with the CEO for knowledge & experience sharing
Participation in process of decision making regarding internal accounting and billing systems
Dynamic revenue modeling
Project financing
Maintenance of insurance coverage
Due-diligence process management
Preparation of employee personnel files, including benefit plans, ESOP policy, salesperson commissions and others
Negotiation and maintenance of long term contracts, including leases, bank accounts, loans, employment and customer contracts

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