Zero Limits

Ido Sever, Co-founder and CEO at Zero Limits

When you have a startup, you’re taking care of everything from the start. At some point, however, it
doesn’t make sense to keep juggling everything while you’re also running the company.

That’s the advantage of working with Nextage. It doesn’t make sense for us to bring an entire finance
team inhouse, but I enjoy the advantages of having a whole team working with me – from the CFO level
to people taking care of the bookkeeping and salaries. I can rely upon a professional team that can
manage things in a way that I couldn’t before, on my own.

On the day to day, I’m working closely with Sarit Arazi, VP finance, who is amazing, she is professional, responsive, and it feels as if we’ve been working together for a very long time. It’s like working with someone who’s a part of our internal company, which I consider to
be a very strong compliment.



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