Twist Bioscience

Yogev Debbi, GM at Twist Bioscience, Israel R&D Center

Company: Twist Bioscience, Israel R&D Center
Description:Twist Bioscience is a public company based in San Francisco that manufactures synthetic DNA for the biotechnology industry.

When did you start working with Nextage?
I was a cofounder of an Israeli startup that was acquired by Twist Bioscience in 2016. After the acquisition, Twist said they needed us to transition to higher level accounting services to make sure everything adheres to their high standards as a public company. So we chose Nextage to work with us, and we’ve been working together with them ever since.

What services does Nextage provide you with?
Since we don’t have an internal finance or accounting person in Israel, all our finances are taken care of by Nextage, from the technical roles of bookkeeper, payroll controller, and accountant to higher level CFO services for when we local help or advice. They cover everything for us, and work very closely with HQ in the US.

What’s the benefit of working with Nextage?
We are very happy with Nextage services. From a personal perspective, I can happily say that regarding finance matters, I have peace of mind and can sleep well at night know that it’s covered by Nextage. I recommend Nextage to friends and colleagues when they need accounting services.

What’s the working relationship like?
We’ve been working together for about 4 years and any time an issue comes up, it’s addressed and fixed in a timely matter. This is something I expect from my service providers, and I’m very happy with them.

How has Nextage helped you?
We had an IPO about a year and half ago, and Nextage prepared everything – annual reports, the structure, everything. Preparing for the IPO was a huge effort, both internally and for the Nextage team. The Nextage team took this project very seriously and they took the extra mile to make sure it would happen. They’re highly engaged and they really care about the company and providing the right service, even if means working long hours and being available nights and weekends, and for HQ in San Francisco. They’re available – no questions asked. We flew them to San Francisco twice during the process and they worked around the clock for us. People at Twist work hard, and the Nextage team is well aligned and matches them with their efforts. They try to go the extra mile and make sure everything is covered.

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