Trigo Vision

Michael Gabay, CEO at Trigo Vision

Founded: 2017
Description: Trigo Vision is a computer vision startup reshaping the retail experience. Leveraging world-class AI and algorithmic experts, its advanced retail automation platform identifies customers’ shopping items with exceptional levels of accuracy, creating an entirely seamless checkout process.

“Nextage is a great resource for our financial planning and budgeting.”

We started working with Nextage in 2017 when we came out of stealth mode and were ready to take on the challenge of revolutionizing the retail shopping experience. We needed a partner who could assist us with planning and budgeting our financial resources so we could raise money.

Since Nextage has been providing us with its financial services, we were able to focus on augmenting existing retail spaces to facilitate cashier-free shopping experiences that could work in almost any retail environment.

Having Nextage on board means that we have a valuable resource at our disposal that gives us visibility in the progress of our company by enabling the tracking of our KPIs.

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