Takwin Labs

Itzik Frid, Managing Partner and CEO at Takwin Labs

Company: Takwin Labs
Description: Takwin is a venture capital fund and incubator, making early-stage investments in hi-tech companies run by Arab entrepreneurs in Israel.

When did you start working with Nextage?

I’ve been working with them for the past ten years – first when I was CEO of a global hitech company in Tel Aviv, and now with Takwin. At the hitech company, Nextage provided me with all the financial assistance I needed. They brought in every management tool that was necessary for us financially and provided us with the highest level of service. When I founded Takwin together with some of the leading hitech investors in Israel, it was clear to us that Nextage would be the financial manager of the fund. In some instances, they also provide financial services to some of the companies in the fund.

What’s the benefit of working with Nextage?

The people – their teams are always made up of the best people. Not only professionally, but on a personal level, as well. It’s a pleasure working with them. I think they provide the best services with the quickest turnaround times in the industry. They cover your financial needs from end to end – from managing an investment portfolio to facilitating consulting regarding taxes. They’re able to work on both the micro level and macro level. I’ve found they’re always ahead of the competition and are with you side by side, at whatever pace you need.

What’s it like working with Nextage?

They provide their services at whatever timeline you dictate, whether it’s over the weekend or if you’re working on a tight deadline. And always at the highest level, with no compromises. They’re a pleasure to work with – honest, transparent, bold in their outlook, and very fair. I’ve always found them to be both assertive and pleasant to work with, a rare combination. They’re the best group of professionals I have worked with in my hitech career.

How has Nextage helped you with Takwin?
They’ve been with us since the founding of the fund and since we made the first investment. They’re very hitech in the way they work – their processes, mentality, and business approach. They bring the latest cutting-edge approaches to help analyze your performance and needs, and they’re always up to speed with the market and relevant legislation, both in Israel and the U.S. They are always able to provide me with an answer to any of my questions, typically within a few hours or a day. I love working with them. I think they’re amazing.

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