Rinat Bublil Kadesh, Operations Manager IL, Smore


How long have you been working with Nextage?

We started working with the Nextage team in 2018, and it’s been going very well. I really enjoy working with them.


What services does Nextage provide you with?

They are our financial department, with everything that entails. They take care of bookkeeping, payroll, financial statements, our annual report, etc. We feel like they’re part of the company, part of our team.


What are the benefits of working with Nextage?

They are extremely professional and accurate with the numbers. They know the company very well, and I trust them completely. I really like the way that they work. They are always organized, and they’re able to give me whatever information I need. They make sure I have all the data, and take the time to explain everything, so I know the underlying processes, not just the financial data. If we need certain information for a meeting with the CEO, for example, they provide it completely and quickly, providing us with all the answers we need.

As we’ve made the transition to working remotely, the Nextage team continues to provide us with comprehensive support. Our company operates in the US across several time zones and sometimes we need really quick answers and the Nextage team is always able to provide them. It helps me feel calm to know that they’re always there for me to call them.


What’s the working relationship like?
The team is great. I work closely with Yehudit Lousky, VP Finane; Racheli Ner, Senior Controller; Eduard Ferdman, head of the bookkeeping team; and Varda Schwartz, bookkeeper, and we have an excellent, close working relationship. I can call Racheli any time I need, and she always responds in a warm and professional manner. It makes me feel calm knowing that I have the Nextage team to rely on. They provide the information I need, quickly. I’ve sent emails to Eduard at 5:00 in the morning, and he replies to me within 5 minutes. He is extremely accurate, and I can consult with him as much as I need.

Yehudit is always on top of everything. She leads the team, and she and Racheli always check every single detail, which makes me feel calm and comfortable, especially for important projects and meetings. Yehudit knows the numbers very well and integrates with our accountant very professionally. I’m really impressed with the entire team – I really enjoy working with all of them, and I know they’re there for me whenever I need.


How has Nextage helped the company?

Their method of working is extremely organized. They send us metrics every week across our operating locations, and this helps to give us a general idea of what we’re working with and allows us to work on our budgeting in more efficient manner. It makes the whole process easier for us. They also are extremely on top of things, participating in meetings with our accountant. They are extremely efficient, and we all enjoy working with the Nextage team, including our CEO.

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