Gadi Elishayov ,Co-Founder & CEO at Singular

Description: Marketing Automation
Offices: Israel

I used to be part of the executive team at Onavo, which was a company represented by Ofer and Nextage. When we started Singular, I consulted with Onavo’s CEO and he immediately referred me to Ofer with really warm recommendations. Ofer liked the fact that we’re part of the Onavo family and helped us for free in our early days before we even had an investment.

Working with Nextage, we are organized with our budgets, constantly thinking about our Sales Goals and quotas, and making sure we’re fair with our employees in terms of competitive equity and compensation.

Ofer’s experience, the responsiveness and proven track record easily became our top reasons for choosing Nextage. I was diligent in my choice and I can easily say Ofer and Nextage are by far the best choice for representation we could have gotten.

In Shortlogo

“Honesty and conne

You play a key role in the Entrepreneur’s life, whether it’s budgetary, financing, and employment issues, that connection and the honest chat are key to running the business.

Great friendly service, practical solutions to difficult problems, would easily recommend this to any of my friends. It’s by far the best option.


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