Founded: 2018

Description: SecureNative is rethinking-security-as-a-service, disrupting the cybersecurity space and the way enterprises consume and implement security solutions. The company is going out of stealth mode, backed by Tier 1 VC.

It amazes me to see Nextage’s services growing together with us – since our starting point to where we are now, which is completely different – having had to build both the Israeli and American company, they keep growing with me. It’s a treat all the way.

Getting to Know Nextage

After founding SercureNative, I was looking for standard bookkeeping and accounting services, nothing more, and Nextage were recommended to me. Talking to them, I quickly began to realize the added value that they can offer in further services they provide – and the ultimate service for me, was CFO as a service.

I never hire a CFO on the early days of a startup, that usually comes a year or two down the line, in later funding rounds.

One of the things that you really need during Rounds is to have your documentation not only accurate, but also ready on time and at peak speed; those who know me are aware of how organized I am and how everything must be up to my standards. I was told I’d see Nextage’s true value on Rounds, that I’ll have all the information and materials ready out of the box.

Much More Than Standard Accounting

Going into our first meeting expecting a standard accounting firm, Naor and Nevo quickly introduced other services, including CFO and Admin as a service, and showed me how they can help in ways far beyond standard accounting, in a spreadsheet with more than 50 “must do when building a new startup” action items. It was incredible; these were usually things that I did, and they were telling me ‘we’ll do that for you’.

We had gone through all 50 items and the experience was amazing – we had finished them in three months. I would just ask how was this and how was that going, and get a status update, with everything being done and remarkably handled.

CFO as a Service

The surprise came from CFO as a service; SecureNative have a US registered parent company and an Israeli company, meaning we have to handle everything on two fronts – managing accounts both locally and overseas, cash management, option plans – making everything much more complicated. Nextage handled – and still handles – everything extremely well, taking care of the whole operation and financial aspect, I’m just the supervisor.

I was also impressed to see both Nevo and Naor putting in the extra effort, finding solutions and new ways to do things, adapting to our needs at every step. Every time we looked into bringing new services in, they would perform all the due diligence and already negotiate with providers, letting me know what I’m getting and at what price – that’s remarkable!

Nextage allows us to handle the core, what we’re good at, without having to spend too much time and effort on financial and operation details; thanks to Nextage I only need to spend a few hours a week on that.

It’s like having a shared office space, where you don’t have to worry about the facilities, communications, maintenance, electric bills – when I need a few more spaces or another service I’ll just ask for more. Simply put, I don’t handle the details, whenever I need anything I would get it from Nextage. I might be paying more than I would if I only received standard accounting services, but it takes a huge workload off me and frees me up to do other things. Just like with an office sharing service, Entrepreneurs and CEOs shouldn’t have to handle those matters, they should spend their time handling their core business.

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