Sam Gutmann, CEO at OwnBackup

Founded: 2012
Description: OwnBackup provides cloud data backup solutions, ensuring businesses not yet in the cloud that their data is constantly and independently backed up and accessible, and providing businesses that have data in the cloud with services to give them the safety they need.

A great partner, a great resource, and almost an extension of our own management team.

We started working with Nextage in 2015, at the time, it seemed like it was a comprehensive solution, which would allow us to focus on building our business. Our goal was to have a good partner so as to ensure that they would focus on the back office, and we could spend our time on the activities to expand the business.

Since Nevo and his team took over our financials, it’s been a really great experience. We’ve had a great partner, who we can rely on to take care of all our finances and many of our back office activities. This truly allowed us to focus on building the business while not having to worry about some of the “blocking and tackling.” Beyond the basics, Nextage has helped us with things like BI implementation and creating dashboards that gave us better visibility into how the business is growing and better tracking of many metrics that I like to keep an eye on.

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