Raffy Wreschner, CFO, Feedvisor


When did you start working with Nextage?

We started working with Nextage early in the history of the company, soon after we were founded. I joined the company as CFO in 2016, and I’ve been working closely with them ever since.

What services does Nextage provide you with?

They take care of everything from bookkeeping and payroll, to the VP Finance role which supports my position. In addition, they also manage our audits, tax returns, and working with external auditors – basically, everything that’s required from an accounting perspective. In 2016, we opened us a U.S. subsidiary, and they take care of all the accounting work there as well, including payroll and day-to-day activities. As a company operating both in Israel and the US, they take care of everything for us.


What’s the benefit of working with Nextage?

First, the Nextage team is professional. They know the work very well and they know what needs to be done. With their experience working with other companies, they can apply what they know for our needs. From a professional standpoint, that’s a big advantage.

Secondly, it gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that I have a team like Nextage working for us. They’ve developed all the processes already, which means I don’t have to develop them from scratch. Everything is done in a very organized, methodical fashion – the audit process, the systems, etc. It’s all set up already. This helps us in the long term, especially when it comes to audits or providing external financial reports. We are fully prepared from a compliance and regulatory perspective.

Also, they very much feel like part of our team. They’re not like a typical external provider; they’ve met the team here and they come to the office frequently. Our VP Finance definitely feels like she’s part of the company, which also helps her do her job and understand more about our business. The whole Nextage team understands our business, too. It’s not just about the numbers – they go beyond the numbers.

What’s the working relationship like?

I have a weekly meeting with the VP Finance, Yehudit Lousky,  in the office, and we communicate regularly by phone and email. She’s like an internal member of our team. I am also in direct contact with the entire team. All of our communications run very smoothly, from bookkeeper to payroll.

How has Nextage helped you?

As Feedvisor’s CFO, they give me a lot of peace of mind. I know I don’t have to get involved in the day-to-day accounting details, and I can rely upon their professionalism completely knowing that everything will be taken care of. It’s clear to me that I’m in good hands.

As a company, we know we have a full professional finance team in place. They don’t just react – they’re proactive about our finances and ask questions. We’re also able to draw upon their extensive experience working with other companies who may have experienced similar issues, which definitely helps. And they are always responsive. If anything is urgent for us, they’re there with a quick response – even beyond regular work hours.


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