Finance Operations Specialist

We’re looking for a smart, creative and analytical Finance operation specialist.

This position is for LAWYERS after internship seeking to embark on a new career path and interested in getting to know how the start-up world works from a financial point of view.

The job is at Nextage – a leading financial services provider who specializes in the Israeli & US high-tech ecosystem (Cyber Security, Medical Devices, Gaming, E-Commerce, etc.).

What’s the job?  

You will be establishing the infrastructure of the start-up’s financial system

provide ongoing support to the finance team, onboard new clients, fundraising, assist with legal contracts and deal with venture loan procedures. Ensure all legal, treasury, and tax documentation is properly maintained

This is a great opportunity if you enjoy this type of environment and would like to be in contact with entrepreneurs daily.

Experience in start-up companies would be a great plus.

Law degree –  after internship


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