Nevo Ramati

Nevo Ramati 

Partner and CFO

With over 20 years of accomplishments in corporate finance, Nevo specializes in fundraising processes, business operations and implementation of internal procedures and controls. Nevo has led tens of financing rounds, gaining experience with venture capital, venture lending and governmental incentives. Prior to joining Nextage, Nevo served as CFO of Horizon Semiconductors and Aeroscout, and as Controller at Visiontech (acquired by Broadcom).  As the CFO of A.R. ZIM Direct Marketing (Kim’at Hinam Warehouses), Nevo has successfully led the company through an IPO in the TA Stock Exchange, M&A (acquisition by Yeinot Bitan) and SOX processes.  Nevo is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), holding a B.A in Accounting & Economics and an MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University.

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